A Spot of Gardening

My thumbs are anything but green, however we have a small flower bed at the bottom of the front garden that was just shouting to be turned into a rockery.  After a recent trip to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, I knew I wanted to create a feature using alpine plants and succulents.  I can’t take all the credit though, my mum did a lot (most) of the work!

2014-07-20 13.31.31I’m planning on filling in some of the gaps in time but I just adore these little plants!


A little bit of interior design…

As promised, I’m going to share my first go at a spot of interior design.  I come from a reasonably creative background and assumed that I would be able to tackle my first decorating project with a bit of flair… hopefully I’ve pulled it off!

The first room we tackled was the living room/dining room which was previously adorned with Artex walls, wooden panels and a bright blue carpet.  Not exactly inspiring but I knew that this space could be transformed into something special.  Check out the slideshow below to see how we progressed from 80s awfulness to modern chic!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We still need to make a couple of finishing touches to the room – such as put in new doors, add some artwork and put up the curtain rail (which you can see propped against the wall in the last photo!) but until then I’m really enjoying using this space.  We eat dinner at the table every evening and I just love curling up on the massive couch with my knitting!

Moving Day…

Moving day is fast approaching and my little bungalow is now a sea of boxes and bin bags!  Given the mess I am currently living in I’ve decided it would be best to put both my Etsy and Folksy shops on holiday.  This is something I’ve never done with my Etsy shop before – I’ve heard horror stories about it taking weeks or even months for traffic to pick up again once you reopen your shop.   However, this time of year is always quiet for me so this will give me the perfect opportunity to reopen once I’ve unpacked all of my boxes and take my time at streamlining things a bit.

Closed Sign in YellowstoneI’m also planning to finally change my shop name at the beginning of May so maybe less traffic in the meantime isn’t the end of the world!

I’ll probably be off the radar for the next week – my internet doesn’t get connected until next Wednesday so I’ll be relying on my phone signal until then!  I will however be snapping away so that I can create those promised ‘before and after’ posts… so stay tuned!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

If you haven’t already started, then now is the perfect time to get on with your Christmas shopping! ImageThis weekend I am holding a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop and everything has been marked down by 15%!

ImageThe Candy Tree is currently offering a wide range of goodies that are just perfect for giving. From Cross Stitch Christmas Cards, to bImageeautiful sterling silver jewellery and my new range of knitted hats which are ideal for keeping warm in these cold months. Of course you could always treat yourself to a new scarf whilst you’re at it!

The sale runs from first thing on Friday morning right the way through to midnight on Monday (GMT). There is no need to mess around with coupon codes as all of my products have already been marked down by 15%.

Happy Shopping!


Busy Bees

On my way to work the other morning I walked past a large flowery bush which was buzzing with bees working away in the early morning sunshine, and I started to daydream a little…

Honey Bee

Honey Bee by e_monk, on Flickr

I like watching little bees working away – especially honey bees (anything small, chubby and fuzzy looking is adorable in my eyes!).  They remind me of your average office worker – content to work away and not bother anyone else in the process.

Wasps however make me think of salesmen who employ hard sell tactics.  I don’t want to offend any salesmen here but I HATE it when people try hard to sell me something I’ve shown the slightest bit of interest in.  Wasps get in your face and harass you when quite frankly you were just happy to window shop.

So that was my random weird thought the other morning and I just thought I would share.  Time to get back to being a busy buzzy bee…..

Tooooo Hooooooot!!!!!

I’ve never been good at handling the heat.  I’m Scottish, pasty and used to average temperatures of around 10 degrees.  The last two days have been full of glorious sunshine and temperatures of up to 27 degrees – and not much cooler over night. I just can’t handle it! I can’t sleep, can’t walk at my usual “rapid” pace without risk of passing out and there’s no let up in the shade – even the breeze is warm!

I know I really shouldn’t be moaning, but today tipped me over the edge.  The heat actually caused problems with the trains and I ended up squeezing onto a crowded platform waiting for my delayed train to arrive.  Finally getting to squeeze onto a seat on the train, I think I was even hotter than when I was standing in the scorching heat.  And the smell of stale cheesy feet and BO was just lovely(!)

I received a lovely big bag of wool today and I can’t even bring myself to start knitting a new scarf – it’s just TOO HOT!


Sun-Flower by Lυвαιв, on Flickr

So if you’re wondering why there’s very little activity on my blog this week – the heat is the reason!  Plus my smartphone is being sent off for repair so I haven’t been able to take any photos with the dodgy little retro number I’ve borrowed in the meantime.  It can literally only be used to send texts and make phone calls…how did we used to cope without push email?!?

I think that’s everything I needed to rant about…I’m getting too hot to carry on typing much more.  My Thursday Feature post has already been scheduled and if I start to cool off then I’ll put together a heat inspired treasury for my Friday Finds.  But don’t be surprised if you hear little else from me this week…

What’s in a Name?

I’ve been thinking about it, putting it off, and then thinking about it some more…it may be time to change my shop name!

There are a number of reasons I have come to this conclusion, namely:

  • Candy trees are the name of lollipop centrepieces (which I don’t sell), however there are many companies out there that do sell them, and quite often have ‘Candy Tree’ in their name!
  • The name isn’t available on Etsy or many other sites I use, hence the use of ‘125’ at the end – this means that if people just search for The Candy Tree, they will no doubt find one of these other companies before they find me.

I’ve been putting off this name change because it will involve a lot of hard work – I will need to make sure that Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, etc all have the name available and I would like a .com and .co.uk as well… and that’s once I finally decide on a name!

I originally wanted my name to be something clever, perhaps a play on words or even a Scottish word that meant something related to crafts, knitting or handmade, however that was proving too difficult!

I’ve now gone in a completely different direction and may end up using a more personal name – something that takes me back to my childhood and is definitely unique to me.  I don’t mean to sound so mysterious but I would hate to post the name here before I’m ready to purchase my domains, only to find some evil person buys it up for themselves!

It may be a little while before I take the plunge – I still have a lot of business cards, thank you cards and earring cards with my Candy Tree branding and I don’t want the whole lot to go to waste… so for now, watch this space!!

Question Mark, Ipswich, 13 December 2012

Photo by ed_needs_a_bicycle

If you’ve had to change your Etsy shop name for whatever reason, I would really love to hear how it went – how did you tackle updating all of your social media pages and links?  Did you run into any trouble along the way?  Please leave your comments below!