Hello 2016

I can’t believe it’s 2016 already!

I’ve been MIA for a while and thought I would give you all a little update.  You may have noticed that my shop inventory has shrunk.  This is due to having had a very successful Christmas, plus I’m currently working on a large order of knitted ice hockey hats which probably won’t be finished until the end of February.  I’ve therefore deactivated all of my made to order listings – so everything currently listed in my Etsy and Folksy shops is ready to post right away.2016-01-07 20.40.43

It’s great having such a large order to fulfil but I’m starting to feel a little guilty about turning down other custom requests (I’ve been receiving A LOT of these recently!)

Hope everyone is enjoying 2016 so far – I’ll be back with another update when I’m ready to take on new custom orders!

Forest Getaway

I’m so excited about next week!  We are heading off to a cabin in Sherwood Forest where we’ll have a wood burning stove and a hot tub – everything you need for a winter holiday!

That means any orders placed from 25-30 January will be processed from 31 January onwards.  I’ll be bringing some knitting with me (obviously!), so I may even have some new goodies to show off on my return!


Hello 2015!

I’m appalled at my lack of blogging lately, and will endeavour to bring you more regular updates of the world of Emma Dickie Design this year!

2014-12-12 20.10.27I am still going through a gradual redesign of my shop – streamlining my products and clearing out some of my older designs in order to make way for new goodies.  (You can have a peek at my clearance items right here…)

At the end of last year I created my first ever Fair Isle hat and this will be listed in my shop shortly.  It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be and so thrilling to see the pattern begin to come to life as I knitted each round.  If you’ve been intimidated by Fair Isle knitting in the past I urge you to give it a try and see for yourself just how easy it is!

I’m also still experimenting with metalwork – I got a new drill and hammer for Christmas so expect to see some new metalwork jewellery soon (although I have kept the first pair of earrings for myself)!

2015-01-10 15.46.53As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I’ve been making a lot of Cross Stitch Heart Earrings, and was delighted when a pair of them was featured in the latest issue of Sew Magazine!

So, that’s the latest news from me… but I’m hoping to be back again soon with another update!

Christmas in July 2014!

I can’t believe it’s July already, which means of course it’s time for Christmas in July!

Simply use Coupon Code CIJ2014 for 10% off orders from my Etsy shop!

This is a great opportunity to get started on some Christmas shopping, buy birthday presents or even just treat yourself!

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Over the years I’ve gone off in different directions with my crafting, tryingSale-PurpleGreenScarf different things and developing new styles.  However, as my shop and brand grow I think it’s important to try to streamline things a little and create a cohesive range of products.

This might initially be difficult for me because I don’t want to restrict myself to only one or two knitting patterns, but I definitely feel that my current range of scarves is a bit too random!  So the plan is to develop a unique pattern and create scarves in a range of different colours.  I’ve already started to apply this process to my slouchy beanie hats and I’m so happy with how the range is starting to take shape.

I’m also going to start moving away from beaded jewellery and instead develop my range of metalwork pieces.  There’s something very sil_fullxfull.618296570_a2jwatisfying in creating a unique piece of jewellery that has been hammered and crafted with your own two hands.

This is all going to take a bit of time, but in order to make some space in my shop, I feel it’s time to have a clear out of some of my older designs.

So come and have a look at my new CLEARANCE SECTION!  Everything has been marked down by 20% meaning there are some wonderful bargains to be had!  This isn’t a temporary sale, but a permanent mark down in price – and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

This will be an ongoing process and as time goes on I will be adding different items to my Clearance section – so be sure to check back regularly!

Welcome to Emma Dickie Design!

I’ve finally taken  the plunge after over a year of deliberation!  The Candy Tree will always have a special place in my heart but it is time to move on to the next chapter in my crafty life.

Emma Dickie Design sums up everything about my jewellery, knitwear and cross stitch pieces.  It’s more professional and unique to me.

The Candy Tree came about from my college days – I had painted a tree with a lollipop head and the name seemed to fit with my vibrant beaded jewellery.  However that was before I was aware of how important Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was to an online business.  Google searches for my business name brought up results for party planning companies and product photos of actual candy trees.  I hadn’t heard of these before but they are centerpieces often made from sweets.  Also, ‘TheCandyTree’ wasn’t actually available as an Etsy shop name so I went with ‘TheCandyTree125’ and I’ve always hated having this extra number after my name.


Now I am EmmaDickieDesign – no numbers!  Plus when you Google my name you will be sure to find me smack bang at the top of the page!

I’m very excited about this new step.  I already have my new branding printed on business cards and earring cards so I’m raring to go.

As a way of introducing my customers to my new shop name I would like to offer a coupon code.  Simply use coupon code EMMADICKIEDESIGN for 15% off everything in my Etsy shop!

It’s an exciting time as I also intend to streamline my range of products.  Please keep checking back in my Etsy shop to see how things progress!