Over the years I’ve gone off in different directions with my crafting, tryingSale-PurpleGreenScarf different things and developing new styles.  However, as my shop and brand grow I think it’s important to try to streamline things a little and create a cohesive range of products.

This might initially be difficult for me because I don’t want to restrict myself to only one or two knitting patterns, but I definitely feel that my current range of scarves is a bit too random!  So the plan is to develop a unique pattern and create scarves in a range of different colours.  I’ve already started to apply this process to my slouchy beanie hats and I’m so happy with how the range is starting to take shape.

I’m also going to start moving away from beaded jewellery and instead develop my range of metalwork pieces.  There’s something very sil_fullxfull.618296570_a2jwatisfying in creating a unique piece of jewellery that has been hammered and crafted with your own two hands.

This is all going to take a bit of time, but in order to make some space in my shop, I feel it’s time to have a clear out of some of my older designs.

So come and have a look at my new CLEARANCE SECTION!  Everything has been marked down by 20% meaning there are some wonderful bargains to be had!  This isn’t a temporary sale, but a permanent mark down in price – and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

This will be an ongoing process and as time goes on I will be adding different items to my Clearance section – so be sure to check back regularly!


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