Vibrant Hats

BlueYellowHatI’ve finished posting my new series of funky slouchy hats to my Etsy shop!  It’s maybe not the best time of year to be doing this seeing as the sun is finally coming out, but I’m  sure my international customers from colder climes will still appreciate their cosy warmth!

OrangeBlueHat3I’m also very pleased with how my photos are turning out in my new livingroom.  Because we have windows at both ends I can get loads of natural light streaming in and creating a well balanced, natural looking photo.  I’m going to start retaking photos for the rest of my products, as I think some of them might be overly bright in comparison!

So I hope you enjoy my new hats – I’ve created a design to suit the bold,PinkGreenHat3 as well as the more reserved hat wearer, from toxic green and pink to creamy white cables.

BlackYellowHat2There will be more to follow in time, so don’t forget to check back often, or follow me on Twitter/like my Facebook page to be kept up to date with new additions.


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