A little bit of interior design…

As promised, I’m going to share my first go at a spot of interior design.  I come from a reasonably creative background and assumed that I would be able to tackle my first decorating project with a bit of flair… hopefully I’ve pulled it off!

The first room we tackled was the living room/dining room which was previously adorned with Artex walls, wooden panels and a bright blue carpet.  Not exactly inspiring but I knew that this space could be transformed into something special.  Check out the slideshow below to see how we progressed from 80s awfulness to modern chic!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We still need to make a couple of finishing touches to the room – such as put in new doors, add some artwork and put up the curtain rail (which you can see propped against the wall in the last photo!) but until then I’m really enjoying using this space.  We eat dinner at the table every evening and I just love curling up on the massive couch with my knitting!


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