Top Tip Tuesday – How to Remove a Jade Bangle

This week’s top tip might sound a little silly and last minute…that’s because it is!

I was given a jade bangle a few years ago and it was a struggle to get on.  So much so that when I tried to take it off and couldn’t, I decided I was happy just to wear it all the time.

However, last night I made a bracelet for myself using the beads I had made at my lampworking classes.  The first thing I realised after trying on my new bracelet was that every time I moved, it would rattle off the jade bangle which not only made an annoying jangling sound, but could also damage the beads after a while.  So I figured it was maybe time to have another go at taking off the jade bangle….!

My first attempt involved putting my wrist under cold water, applying lots of handwash and trying to twist and push the bangle off.  This resulted in a lot of pain and left me with some deep indents on my hand.

I gave up after a while and sat with a cup of tea while my hand slowly returned to the right colour and stopped shaking!

That’s when it occurred to me – Vaseline!

So I applied Vaseline liberally to my wrist and hand and after some pushing and twisting, managed to get the bangle over the widest part of my wrist.  I had a few seconds of panic when I thought it was going to get stuck half on/half off my hand but with a bit more force I was able to get it off!

That was over 12 hours ago and my hand still has a couple of red marks and is very sore to touch where the bangle met the most resistance (damn my wide Western hands!!)

So to sum up…

Need to remove a jade bangle that’s on the small side?

1. Run your hand/wrist under the cold tap before patting dry and applying a lot of Vaseline.

2. Sit somewhere soft like on the bed or a carpeted floor in case the bangle flies off.

3. I held my hand facing down the way and used my other hand to push down and twist with a fair amount of force.  Please note that this WAS painful but it was also my second attempt.  Maybe if you use Vaseline first it won’t hurt so much!FernPEndant

PLEASE follow this last step with caution!!  I don’t want to be held responsible for any injuries!!  If you’ve had your bangle on for many years then it could be that your wrist and/or hand have increased in size in that time.  In which case you may have no other option but to break it off, or continuing to put up with it!


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