Top Tip Tuesday – Get Involved

It was just over a week ago that I resolved to start taking this blogging malarkey more seriously and I’ve really enjoyed posting regularly.

Last week I shared a top tip on how to weave in ends whilst knitting stripes.  This 20130406_100722was something I had only just learned and was glad I could share it with everyone.  However, this week I’m already stumped for a tip!  I’m sure that more will come to me as I try different projects but I wonder if I could start looking further afield for my tips.

I think this would be a great way to get other crafters involved…they could submit their top tip and in return I could link to their shop or website – win win!

So if you have a crafty top tip why not get in touch using the contact page and I will post it whenever I run out of my own tips (which will probably be quite a regular occurrence)!  As a thank you I will obviously credit you for coming up with the tip and link to your own website.


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